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The Collective Class

Guillermo Altamirano, Claudia Washington, Harry Washington, Josefina Alvarez, José Roberto Paredes, and Roberto Dumont.  

Carrot Concept
Based in: San Salvador, El Salvador

Wooden Spindle bowls, designed by C&H Washington and a table designed by Roberto Dumont.  

The Carrot Concept house, located in San Salvador’s artsy San Benito neighborhood, has become home base for the city’s burgeoning design scene since it opened last year. With a furniture store and an organic café sharing its façade and five different design studios located upstairs—all converging on a charming back garden used by customers and collective members alike—the house was conceived as a way to raise the profile of El Salvador’s hidden design talent, both within the country and internationally. Explains Harry Washington, who runs a furniture and interior-design practice there with his wife, Claudia, called C&H Washington, “Maybe someone just comes here for a coffee but ends up getting a glimpse at what the studios are working on.” The couple founded Carrot Concept along with two architects and two graphic designers, who not only run the house’s eponymous store but also curate and manage the global distribution of a colorful line of furniture created by their peers and manufactured by local artisans; it debuted at the Wanted Design show in New York this past May, where it was picked up by stores like Property and Luminaire.