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New navigation system prioritizes most important sections. Pop-up menus appear when each one is moused over, allowing instant access to subsections.

Larger search box includes pop-up filtering system, allowing for quicker, more-refined site searches.

Daily Intel moves from center column to top-left corner.

Top-right corner features service editorial and site utilities like Shop-A-Matic, menu search, and fashion search.

When Vulture, Grub Street, and the Cut are moused over, each blog’s headlines instantly appear.

Three latest videos are always displayed.

The yellow bubbles next to headlines show the number of reader comments for that story.

The top ten most-commented-
on, most-read, and most-e-mailed stories.

Lower half of homepage features headlines from the main sections.

Expandable menus offer instant access to utilities like restaurant search, fashion search, and Agenda.

Editorial guides and newsletter sign-ups.