A second Biden endorsement from the Senate

The quality that makes Joe stand out is his ability to bring people together to find common ground while standing up for what he believes is right. We need to listen to each other & get things done for working people. Joe can, and will, do that. That’s why I support Joe Biden.
Senator Doug Jones of Alabama
vision 2020
vision 2020
Why Republicans Might Not Mind Losing the White House in 2020
If Republicans hang onto the Senate in 2020 and have the power to obstruct, they might decide their future looks brighter without the 45th president.

Hillary Clinton wrote a rare op-ed urging Democrats to hold Watergate-style hearings before deciding whether to impeach Trump

The debate about how to respond to Russia’s “sweeping and systematic” attack — and how to hold President Trump accountable for obstructing the investigation and possibly breaking the law — has been reduced to a false choice: immediate impeachment or nothing. History suggests there’s a better way to think about the choices ahead.

Obviously, this is personal for me, and some may say I’m not the right messenger. But my perspective is not just that of a former candidate and target of the Russian plot. I am also a former senator and secretary of state who served during much of Vladi­mir Putin’s ascent, sat across the table from him and knows firsthand that he seeks to weaken our country.

I am also someone who, by a strange twist of fate, was a young staff attorney on the House Judiciary Committee’s Watergate impeachment inquiry in 1974, as well as first lady during the impeachment process that began in 1998. And I was a senator for New York after 9/11, when Congress had to respond to an attack on our country. Each of these experiences offers important lessons for how we should proceed today.

… Congress should hold substantive hearings that build on the Mueller report and fill in its gaps, not jump straight to an up-or-down vote on impeachment. In 1998, the Republican-led House rushed to judgment. That was a mistake then and would be a mistake now.

Watergate offers a better precedent. Then, as now, there was an investigation that found evidence of corruption and a coverup. It was complemented by public hearings conducted by a Senate select committee, which insisted that executive privilege could not be used to shield criminal conduct and compelled White House aides to testify. The televised hearings added to the factual record and, crucially, helped the public understand the facts in a way that no dense legal report could. Similar hearings with Mueller, former White House counsel Donald McGahn and other key witnesses could do the same today.

Highlights from the collection of merch already available on Biden’s campaign website include a “Totes for Joe” tote bag, a “Joe is the Onesie” baby onesie, and this rather obvious mug

The timing suggests Booker didn’t want the political world to spend much time talking about his tax returns

Sen. Cory Booker brought in nearly $3 million in public speaking fees and royalties over the past decade, according to tax documents his presidential campaign released Wednesday.

The New Jersey Democrat’s reported income in 2018 was $152,715. He paid $29,446 in taxes and donated $24,000 to charity that year.

Public speaking fees and royalties, however, account for the bulk of Booker’s income in eight of the past 10 years. Booker reported $2 million in public speaking fees from 2009 to 2014 and $987,077 in royalties from 2015 to 2017.

Minutes after officially launching his campaign, Joe Biden already has a new endorsement

We are at a crucial moment in our history. We need leaders who will bring us together instead of tearing us apart, who will focus on the real issues facing American families, and who will restore the United States’ role in the world as a force for stability, freedom and human rights. Joe Biden is that leader, and I’m proud to endorse him for President of the United States.

—Senator Chris Coons of Delaware
via press release
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vision 2020
Joe Biden Finally Launches Campaign With Video Directly Attacking Trump
Recalling Charlottesville, he says, “history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time.”
Facebook Anticipates FTC Fine of Up to $5 Billion for Privacy Violations
It will be a historic fine for the Federal Trade Commission and a slap on the wrist for the social media giant.
Breaking With His Cabinet, Trump Reportedly OK’d Libyan Warlord’s Coup Attempt
Trump’s reported decision-making process to support Khalifa Haftar further reveals his affinity for strongmen and contempt for American intelligence.

If only Barron Trump could do the same for his father

Bolsonaro family currently in crisis, per Época report

The president is not on speaking terms with son Carlos

Carlos administers Bolsonaro’s social media accounts. He is not letting his father, the president, access his Twitter
vision 2020
vision 2020
Franklin Graham Tells Buttigieg to ‘Repent’ Being Gay
The president’s good friend thinks he knows more about Pete Buttigieg”s sexual orientation than Mayor Pete’s creator.

Another grey area on the internet’s entertainment complex: child labor laws

While today’s child stars can achieve incredible fame and fortune without ever setting foot in a Hollywood studio, they may be missing out on one of the less glitzy features of working in the southern California-based entertainment industry: the strongest child labor laws for performers in the country.

Those laws, which were designed to protect child stars from exploitation by both their parents and their employers, are not being regularly applied to today’s pint-sized celebrities, despite the fact that the major platforms, YouTube and Instagram, are based in California. The situation is a bit like “Uber but for … child labor”, with a disruptive technology upending markets by, among other things, side-stepping regulation.

Is the American economy in the clear (for now)?

Trump Just Confirmed His Administration Is Lying in Census Case
The White House says it needs to ask Census respondents about their citizenship to enforce the Voting Rights Act. Trump just told a different story.

Not putting the cart before the horse or anything

Booker pledges to pick a female VP. “I will have a woman running mate,” he says.
white nationalism
white nationalism
Coast Guard Officer Who Plotted Terror Attack Wanted ‘Race War,’ Documents Say
Court documents allege Christopher Hasson also targeted two Supreme Court justices and searched the phrase “please god let there be a race war.”

That’s a lot of money – but not for Facebook

Facebook says that a federal investigation into its privacy practices could cost the company as much as $5B.
vision 2020
vision 2020
What Do Democrats Mean by ‘Electability’?
Some think centrists are more electable, and some think it’s progressives, minority candidates, or those good at telling “narratives.”

A scandal from a more innocent time

BREAKING: Bridget Anne Kelly, the top aide to Gov. Christie who fired off an email that would spark a national scandal: “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” was sentenced to 13 months in prison
vision 2020
vision 2020
How Joe Biden Plans to Steamroll the 2020 Democratic Field
The former VP has been reaching out to old allies, hoping to show he has more institutional support than all the other candidates combined.
mark zuckerberg
mark zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg Has Started a Podcast, Because What Else Do You Do in Your 30s?
In an astonishing repudiation of Zuckerberg’s purported focus on “time well spent” as a metric, the first episode is an hour and 45 minutes.
vision 2020
vision 2020
Report: John McCain’s Family Will Back Biden for President
After the Washington Examiner’s report, Cindy McCain tweeted that she has “no intention of getting involved in presidential politics.”

Cindy McCain knocks back report that her family will back Joe Biden in 2020

Joe Biden is a wonderful man and dear friend of the McCain Family. However, I have no intention of getting involved in presidential politics.
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vision 2020
The Biggest Threat to Our Democracy in 2020 Will Be Trump, Not Russia
DHS officials say Russia plans on “aggravating social and racial tensions” and “undermining trust” in democracy next year. Trump plans to do the same.
viral video
viral video
That Chin-on-Palm Video Is, of Course, a TikTok Meme Challenge
In the video, a guy stretches out his palm and a woman repeatedly runs to put her face in it. Sound weird? Let’s discuss.
80 Percent of Tweets Come From 2 Percent of Americans
A new survey finds that young Democrats are overrepresented compared to the general population.

Michael Cohen confides in Tom Arnold: I’m “a man all alone”

Michael Cohen has disavowed responsibility for some of the crimes to which he has pleaded guilty, privately contending in a recent recorded phone call that he hadn’t evaded taxes and that a criminal charge related to his home-equity line of credit was “a lie.”

As he prepares to begin a three-year prison term on May 6, Mr. Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, expressed dismay during the conversation that after testifying for more than 100 hours to federal and congressional investigators about his work for Mr. Trump—including the coordination of hush-money deals with two women—he remained “a man all alone.”

“You would think that you would have folks, you know, stepping up and saying, ‘You know what, this guy’s lost everything,’” Mr. Cohen said during the March 25 call, recorded without Mr. Cohen’s knowledge by the actor and comedian Tom Arnold.

Trump Proves Yet Again That He Doesn’t Understand the Constitution
The president tweeted that he’d ask the Supreme Court to save him from impeachment. That’s not how it works.

More obstruction from the Trump administration

DOJ official John Gore will defy Congress by refusing appear for a deposition with the Oversight Cmte., who wanted to question Gore about his role with the citizenship census question. His refusal may result in an effort to hold him in contempt.
mueller time
mueller time
Mueller Report Failed to Move Trump’s Approval Ratings
Despite Barr’s spin and the damaging evidence in the actual report, Trump remains an unpopular president — who could still win reelection.
The Confederate Monuments Culture War Comes to New York
The Yankees are having an easy reckoning over Kate Smith. But what happens when they have to confront the legacy of a real icon?

Another win for businesses at the Supreme Court

An ideologically divided U.S. Supreme Court gave businesses more power to channel disputes into individual arbitration proceedings, siding with a lighting retailer trying to prevent its employees from pressing group claims stemming from a phishing attack.

The 5-4 ruling said courts shouldn’t allow class arbitration unless an agreement clearly authorizes that type of proceeding. It’s the latest in a line of Supreme Court decisions that have backed arbitration and helped companies avoid the prospect of costly class actions filed by workers and consumers.

“Neither silence nor ambiguity provides a sufficient basis for concluding that parties to an arbitration agreement agreed to undermine the central benefits of arbitration itself,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the court.

Will Andrew Cuomo’s L train shutdown alternative be a flop?

The long-dreaded repairs to the L line are about to begin this Friday, and inside the MTA, transit planners are predicting misery for riders.

Agency sources tell NY1 the decision to maintain limited service while the repairs take place is expected to result in packed trains and platforms at night and on weekends because riders will have to wait as much as five times longer for trains as they do now.

Planning officials anticipate the long waits could even create lines just to get into some stations. 

Some riders are fearful about the disruptions when the work begins Friday night. 

“Honestly, I need a reliable train. I’ll probably just avoid it altogether,” one rider said.

the national interest
the national interest
With Mueller Gone, the Threat of a Lawless President Is Very Alive
Donald Trump’s efforts to obstruct justice and defy the law are not as weak as you might believe.

The Trump way

“We’re fighting all the subpoenas,” Trump says

Some interesting stats about who powers Twitter in here

By definition, the most active tweeters produce a large amount of content relative to the rest of the Twitter population. But the scope of these differences is profound. The median Twitter user posts just two times a month, but the most prolific 10% of Twitter users in terms of tweet volume produce a median of 138 tweets monthly. In fact, this analysis estimates that the top 10% of tweeters are responsible for 80% of the tweets created by all U.S. adults on Twitter.

The behaviors of these highly active tweeters also differ from the rest of the Twitter population in ways that go beyond tweet volume. The median user in the top 10% by tweet volume creates 138 tweets per month, “favorites” 70 posts per month, follows 456 accounts, and has 387 followers.3 By comparison, the median user in the bottom 90% of tweeters creates just two tweets per month, “favorites” one post per month, follows 74 accounts, and has 19 followers. And when asked to report how often they use the platform, fully 81% of these highly active tweeters say they do so every day; 47% of other Twitter users visit the platform with this regularity.

Hasan Minhaj Mocks Jared Kushner to His Face Over MBS Friendship
The comedian called out Kushner for being friends with Mohammed bin Salman and doing nothing to help Saudi women’s-rights activists.
foreign interests
foreign interests
The ‘Caliphate’ Is Defeated, But ISIS Is Just Getting Started
In claiming responsibility for Sunday’s bombings in Sri Lanka, the terror group is advertising its enduring power to direct violence around the world.

A terrifying, if unsurprising, way of looking at Trump rallies

The Florida man who pleaded guilty to mailing explosive devices said in a letter to a federal judge that attending a rally for President Donald Trump “became like a new found drug.”

Cesar Sayoc has admitted to sending pipe bombs to CNN, and various Democratic officials and donors. He pleaded guilty last month to 65 felony counts, including using weapons of mass destruction in an attempted domestic terrorist attack.

In the handwritten letter filed Tuesday in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, he told a judge that “the first thing you here (sic) entering Trump rally is we are not going to take it anymore, the forgotten ones, etc.”

police brutality
police brutality
Broward County Deputies Assaulted a Black Teen. ‘Accountability’ Is Not Enough.
Calls for ‘accountability’ in the beating of a black teenager in Florida underestimate the depths of law enforcement violence.

Always nice to slander your ally before heading over for a state visit

“Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson accuses United Kingdom Intelligence of helping Obama Administration Spy on the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign.” @OANN WOW! It is now just a question of time before the truth comes out, and when it does, it will be a beauty!

Good luck with that

DNC Chair Tom Perez has pledged the committee won’t use hacked emails or stolen data for political gain ahead of the 2020 presidential election. He now wants RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to make the same commitment.

Someone’s still a little antsy about what’s in the report

The Mueller Report, despite being written by Angry Democrats and Trump Haters, and with unlimited money behind it ($35,000,000), didn’t lay a glove on me. I DID NOTHING WRONG. If the partisan Dems ever tried to Impeach, I would first head to the U.S. Supreme Court. Not only……

Once again, the courts are stepping in to block Trump administration policy

U.S. District Judge Michael J. McShane late Tuesday said he’ll grant a preliminary injunction against new federal restrictions that bar taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring patients to abortion providers, calling the rule a “ham-fisted approach to public health policy.”

Oregon is one of 20 states and the District of Columbia that challenged the Trump administration’s changes to the Title X family planning program in U.S. District Court in Oregon, along with Planned Parenthood affiliates and the American Medical Association.

They sought a national injunction. But the judge said he’s reluctant to set “national health care’’ policy and would describe the scope of his injunction in a formal written opinion soon. The U.S. Justice Department urged any injunction apply only to the plaintiffs in this case, noting at least four similar suits pending in other states.

McShane said the so-called “gag rule” – barring physicians from referring patients who don’t want to continue their pregnancies to an abortion provider – prevents doctors from behaving like medical professionals.

The judge also found that it would create a class of low-income women who couldn’t receive a full range of medical care options, foster a “geographic vacuum” in reproductive health care clinics and likely cause an increase in abortions due to more unwanted pregnancies.

the top line
the top line
I Cut the Cord, But Not to Save Money. TV on the Internet Is Just Better Now.
TV through the internet now provides a better user experience than traditional cable.
Trump Says He Has ‘No Reason’ to Cooperate With House Democrats
Ignoring House Democrats’ regulatory efforts is now Trump’s standard operating procedure.
white nationalism
white nationalism
Steve King Says He Empathizes With Jesus After White Nationalism Rebuke
The Iowa rep said he had “better insight” into Christ’s suffering after being reprimanded by his colleagues for normalizing white nationalism.

A damning report on a post-war institution

The Boy Scouts have kept files going back decades showing that nearly 8,000 volunteers have been excluded from the organization because they had been accused of sexually abusing children, according to a review by an expert on child sexual abuse.

The expert, Janet Warren, a professor at the University of Virginia, revealed the scope of the reported abuse when she testified as an expert witness in a trial involving allegations of child sexual abuse at a children’s theater in Minneapolis.

Ms. Warren said during her testimony that she had been hired by the Boy Scouts and spent five years reviewing data known as the “perversion files’’ that contained information on volunteers whose involvement in the group had been ended “because of reasonable allegations of child sexual abuse.”

Please Get Rid of This Extremist, Washington Democrats Implore State GOP
In a disturbing chat with far-right activists, Matt Shea offered to surveil local liberals.