Wealthy Objectivists to Hit Road for Conrad Black

conrad blackWould you go to Chicago for this man?

Road trip! Anyone who thinks fallen press-baron Conrad Black is getting a raw deal at the hands of U.S. District Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald now has a chance to kibbitz with like-minded souls — as part of a Toronto-Chicago chartered flight (naturally) that will carry supporters to Black’s trial in Chicago on March 13.

Or at least that’s the plan, according to, a Website representing “the ad hoc committee for Conrad Black.” It’s an odd impulse, this: the rush to defend people against criminal charges without knowing the facts (see Martha Stewart). But facts are what trials are for, aren’t they? The site is weirdly sincere, but is obviously the work of some of Black’s “superior people” contingent — thus the quote from Ayn Rand. Perhaps Black will hand out copies of his upcoming Nixon biography to his fans. — Duff McDonald


Wealthy Objectivists to Hit Road for Conrad Black