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Toward a Platonic Ideal of ‘Observer’ Bylines

We were perusing this morning’s new Observer — with yet more evidence that the Box is a hideous, hideous place! — when we came across what we think is the most delightfully, Dickensianly, perfect byline ever to appear in the newspaper that currently employs Lizzy (daughter of Bruce) Ratner and formerly employed Rob (son of Jerry) Speyer and Alexandra (daughter of Tom) Wolfe, no doubt among other kids of notables we’re forgetting:


Nexis shows this is Mr. Wellborn’s third byline in the pink paper, and we’re reliably informed he’s a freelancer-intern and a recent j-school grad. Which is sort of a shame: We were hoping he was the Observer’s own manufactured, idealized Owen Ketthery. Alas.

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Toward a Platonic Ideal of ‘Observer’ Bylines