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First They Came for Wendy’s

Mayor Bloomberg

I can eat trans fats because I am MAYOR.Photo: AFP/Getty Images

It feels uncool to side with the Fast Food Nation team in the seemingly endless battle to get fast-food restaurants to list the calories of their meals on super-size, super-visible posters, a hullabaloo that at this point has accumulated more headlines than General Petraeus. But Bloomberg’s zeal is not just putting us off our hamburger, it’s kind of creeping us out. “Anyone who thinks we’re going to walk away from trying to tell the public what they’re eating and what it’s doing to them doesn’t understand the obligation this city’s Health Department has,” he said earlier today. “We have to tell people how to lead better lives.” Hizzoner is going back to Boston for the holiday, we’re told by his people, and no doubt he’s enjoying the lean cut of brisket and fat-free kugel prepared especially for him by loving Mama Charlotte.

In Tug of War on Calories, Mayor Pushes for Amended Rule [NYT]

First They Came for Wendy’s