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Has Every Wall Streeter Gone Insane? A Graphical Guide.

Maybe it’s hubris brought on by the second Gilded Age, but 2007 may well go down as the Year the Wall Streeters Lost It. Just in time to coincide with our Money Issue, we’ve assembled a handy graphical breakdown of financial-worker malfeasance, from Albert Hsu entrapping an ex-mistress in a simulated rape-kidnapping to John Fitzgerald just plain having a monstrous ego. Spooky! —Dan Amira

Has Every Wall Streeter Gone Insane? A Graphical Guide.

As the kids say, the president is having a normal one

Things the president called people and entities before 8 AM today:
- Joe Scarborough “Psycho” and “Angry, Dumb and Sick”
- Democrats “totally insane”
- New York Times “Fake News” and “Enemy of the People”
- Paul Krugman “stupid”
- Twitter “very discriminatory”

The Times responds to Trump’s latest dangerous insult

“The phrase “enemy of the people” is not just false, it’s dangerous. It has an ugly history of being wielded by dictators and tyrants who sought to control public information.“ - NYT publisher’s response from Feb. to the president’s attacks on media. https://t.co/l7ZM3cGkpu
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vision 2020
Medicare for All Should Hurt (Some) Hospitals and Doctors
Achieving health-care justice in the U.S. will require taking on price-gouging hospitals and overpaid specialists.

Why do congressional Democrats think they have any right to investigate King Trump?

The White House has instructed a former official who was in charge of the security clearance process to not comply with a House subpoena demanding his appearance for an interview, the latest move by the Trump administration to thwart Democratic-led investigations into all aspects of the presidency.

After a day of tense negotiations, the White House late Monday told the former official, Carl Kline, who now works at the Defense Department, to not appear at Tuesday’s deposition, contending that Democrats were seeking access to confidential information that should be off limits.

The move raises the prospect that the House Oversight Committee could seek to hold Kline in contempt, a step that Chairman Elijah Cummings warned Monday he would take. And it’s the latest White House effort to stonewall Democratic investigations, coming the same day the Trump Organization filed a lawsuit to prevent an accounting firm from complying with Cummings’ subpoena for President Donald Trump’s past financial records.

Trump is throwing a tantrum because New York Times columnist Paul Krugman said he “betrayed his country” and “the modern G.O.P. is perfectly willing to sell out America if that’s what it takes to get tax cuts for the wealthy”

I wonder if the New York Times will apologize to me a second time, as they did after the 2016 Election. But this one will have to be a far bigger & better apology. On this one they will have to get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness-they are truly the Enemy of the People!

Nothing to see here, just trying an unprecedented maneuver to hide my financial records for no reason

President Trump sued his own accounting firm and the Democratic chairman of the House Oversight Committee at the same time Monday — trying an unusual tactic to stop the firm from giving the committee details about Trump’s past financial dealings.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in the District of Columbia, seeks a court order to quash a subpoena issued last week by the committee to Mazars USA. Trump’s lawyers also are asking a federal judge to temporarily block the subpoena until the court has had a chance to review their request.

The move amounts to Trump — the leader of the executive branch of government — asking the judicial branch to stop the legislative branch from investigating his past.

Former House counsels from both sides of the aisle called the challenge a long shot and an apparent delay tactic.

They could get rid of Theresa May by passing her Brexit plan, but there’s still little confidence in that outcome

Anger is growing among pro-Brexit Conservative lawmakers and officials over the delay to Brexit and May’s bid for compromise.

Pro-Brexit Conservative lawmaker Nigel Evans said calls for May’s departure are “growing into a clamor” and she should resign “as soon as possible.”

“I believe the only way we’re going to break this impasse properly is if we have fresh leadership of the Conservative Party,” Evans told the BBC.

Many Conservative Brexiteers think May should be replaced with a more staunchly pro-Brexit leader, such as the former foreign secretary, Boris Johnson. But May survived a no-confidence vote among party colleagues in December, and under Conservative rules she can’t face another challenge until a year has passed.

Some Conservative lawmakers are discussing whether the rules could be changed to allow a new vote on May’s leadership.

Officials said Sunday’s massacre in Sri Lanka was linked to the Christchurch shooting, but have yet to offer evidence

Sri Lanka on Tuesday described the devastating string of bombings on Easter that killed 321 people as a response to the attack on two mosques in New Zealand last month.

Three hotels and three churches were attacked by suicide bombers on Sunday belonging to the radical Islamist group National Thowheed Jamaath in an operation that authorities appear to have had advance warning about.

“Investigations have revealed that the attacks were carried out by Islamic extremists in retaliation to the mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand,” State Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardene told parliament. On March 15, a white supremacist killed 50 Muslims in two mosques.

After Smearing of Obama, Democrats Should Know How to Defend Ilhan Omar
For eight years, the right-wing lobbed false, anti-Muslim attacks at Obama. Did Democrats actually learn from it?
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vision 2020
Highlights From CNN’s Town Halls With Five 2020 Candidates
Democratic candidates Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg appeared at Monday night’s event.
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vision 2020
Joe Biden Reportedly Delays Wednesday Campaign Announcement
He’s “been running for president since 1987 and can’t figure the basics out, like where to stand on his first day?” said a former aide.

Kamala Harris Joins Elizabeth Warren as the second 2020 candidate to call for impeachment

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris: “I believe Congress should take the steps towards impeachment” pic.twitter.com/w0NqiA8OFG
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Watch Amy Klobuchar’s ‘Please Clap’ Moment
Drawing Jeb Bush comparisons isn’t a greatest move for a Democratic candidate who’s currently polling at 2 percent.
border crisis
border crisis
FBI Arrests Far-Right Militia Leader Detaining Migrants at Gunpoint
Larry Mitchell Hopkins was once arrested for impersonating an officer. His vigilante group, United Constitutional Patriots, appears to be at it again.
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Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Need 2016 Support Levels to Win Lots of Delegates
The 15 percent minimum threshold for winning delegates will make it easier for front-runners like Sanders and Biden to hog them.
Report: Stephen Miller Intervened to Deport Individual Migrants
Trump’s most xenophobic senior aide has reportedly contacted mid-level DHS officials in a ploy to send individual asylum seekers across the border.

Will Elizabeth Warren’s college debt plan become a model for other Democrats?

sri lanka attacks
sri lanka attacks
Outside the U.S., Persecution of Christians Is Real, As Sri Lanka Bombings Show
In an increasing number of countries, particularly in Asia, Christians face challenges a lot more stressful than “Happy Holidays” greetings.

Sounds like something that totally happened

In between games of “Be Best” hopscotch and the namesake event at the White House’s Easter egg roll, a child apparently couldn’t pass up the chance to press President Donald Trump on one of his signature campaign promises.

As he colored cards for service members on the White House’s South Lawn, Trump responded to a question from one of the children alongside him.

“I will. Oh, It’s happening. It’s being built now,” Trump told the child, before speaking up to share the conversation with reporters. “Here’s a young guy who said, ‘Keep building that wall.’ Can you believe that?”

“He’s going to be a conservative someday!” Trump continued.

Jamelle Bouie makes the careful case for impeachment

Caution on impeachment makes sense. It is a monumental step that would shape politics in unforeseen and potentially negative ways. But inaction, or even just ordinary action, has risks too. Trump will continue try to shape the post-Mueller narrative to his advantage, condemning the investigation as a “witch hunt” from its origin to its conclusion. His allies will do the same. Even if they fail to persuade the public, they can muddy the waters and turn this constitutional conflict into another case of partisan bickering.

Democrats still have to defeat Trump at the ballot box, which means building a mass coalition against his politics.

At worst, impeachment could crowd out the material case against Trump, centering the election on legal questions versus the impact of his presidency on people’s lives. But there’s another possibility: that impeachment helps Democrats make a truly comprehensive case against the president, uniting his corruption, his criminality and his contempt for ordinary Americans under a single narrative.

Google Appears to Be Retaliating Against Walkout Organizers
One woman said she was told to take a sick leave despite being perfectly healthy.

The measles numbers aren’t going in the right direction

Outbreaks in New York state continue to drive up the number of U.S. measles cases, which are approaching levels not seen in 25 years.

Health officials say 71 more cases were reported last week, with 68 of them from New York. That brings this year’s total to 626.

That is already the most since 2014, when 667 were reported for the whole year. The most before that was 963 cases in 1994.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the latest numbers Monday.

federal reserve
federal reserve
Trump Fed Pick: ‘No Women’ in Men’s Sports Unless They’re Hot
Stephen Moore claims misogynistic comments in his columns were “a spoof.”
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vision 2020
Elizabeth Warren Is Coming for Your Student Loan Debt
Warren’s sweeping plan to cancel tens of millions of Americans’ student loan debt sets a radically progressive standard for the 2020 field.
Job Agent of Destruction Consequences Why we love him Albert Hsu

Manager, Anchor Point Capital hedge fund Jealousy: This past February Hsu posed as his ex-mistress on a bondage Website, requesting to be kidnapped and raped as part of a sexual fantasy. At least two years of jail time. Because the good guy was the one who answered the online ad and asked the mistress to confirm the rape fantasy. Make him look like Prince Charming and you clearly fucked up big. Christopher Carter

Broker for Maxim Investments Groups Wrath: During spin class this August, Chris threw a guy (and his bike) into a wall for grunting during his workout. Lawsuit; probably now working out in his basement. There are about ten times a day in this city where we feel like throwing someone — and whatever they happen to be sitting on — into a wall. Seth Tobias

Founder and manager, Circle T Partners hedge fund Death: Was found floating in his pool over Labor Day weekend. Until details are sorted out, purgatory. Police weren’t calling it a suspicious death until Tobias’s personal assistant came forward with “proof” that Tobias was murdered by his wife. And that he secretly dated a male exotic dancer named “Tiger.” Timothy Sykes

Founder of now defunct Cilantro Fund Management Overexposure: Sykes tirelessly promoted himself as his hedge fund hemorrhaged money. The editor in chief of Trader Monthly disinvited Sykes from a party in September for making a mockery of the profession. (But then Sykes scored the cover of Young Money.) He transformed an utterly trivial party spat resulting from his own ill-gotten publicity into … a mini media firestorm! Richard “Chip” Bierbaum

Former trader for Calyon, a financing and investment- banking company Recklessness: His risky unauthorized trading allegedly caused his company $353 million in losses this September. He got canned. This loose cannon refuses to play by the rules, profit-making or not. He’s probably roaming the streets right now, a rogue trader, still losing absurd amounts of money. Andrew Z. Tong

Trader for Steve Cohen’s hedge fund, SAC Complaisance: It recently came to light that, around July 2005, he began taking estrogen pills at the behest of his boss. “Turned gay”: Began wearing dresses, slept with said boss. His lawsuit came before the New York State Supreme Court this May; it’s in arbitration now. What was that conversation like? Boss: “I’m going to need you to take a close look at the Templeton account, aaannnd why don’t you also start taking these estrogen pills about four times a day. Thanks, man.” John Fitzgerald

Mergers and Acquisitions for Limited Brands Vanity: Fitzgerald didn’t commit a crime, because being a huge tool is still legal in Georgia. Key quote from his self-aggrandizing Website: “I used my 98th percentile score on the SAT & ACT to acquire a Mensa membership then combined that with my 97th percentile G.P.A. to go on to a five star collegiate program.” His good name has recently been raked through the coals on sites like DealBreaker and Gawker — but we don’t think it’ll affect him. He’s the real-life Dwight Schrute — if Dwight were a frat brother: His Website’s “Skills” section boasts that he once got a hole-in-one and has participated in — but did not win — a state archery match.