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Barbara Walters Is Only One Degree of Sexeration From Paul McCartney

Barbara WaltersNow that karma has smitten Barbara Walters,
will she never talk shit again?Photo: Getty Images

Don’t you hate it when you talk smack about someone and it comes back to haunt you? That’s what happened to Barbara Walters, who ranted uncharacteristically about Heather Mills on The View last week. “I went on the program and said [Mills] was sort of diva-ish — so I said that,” she said on her Sirius radio show last night. Actually, what she said was that Mills was “not a nice woman” but that’s not the point: The point is that as it turns out, Nancy Shevell, the cute Hamptons lady the tabloids later that week claimed was boffing Paul McCartney, happens to be Barbara’s very own cousin. “Well, now it turns out that my cousin is Paul McCartney’s new girlfriend so it looks as if I deliberately bashed Heather,” she said. It does, kinda, doesn’t it! Wawa went on to talk about the sage advice she offered her cousin, one celebrity to another:

This is all so new for her. I keep saying to her — you know you have no idea … you know what I say to her most — we both have a mutual cousin who used to always say to me, “Why do you go out without lipstick — don’t you realize people are looking at you?” And I’d say, “I don’t have the time…” Now I’m saying to Nancy, “Nancy, don’t go out without lipstick — you never know who’s standing next to you.”

She forgot the most important thing! Never get a prenup.

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Barbara Walters Is Only One Degree of Sexeration From Paul McCartney