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Scandalous Obama Pic: Where’s His Hand?

obamaNot the pic in question, but scandalous nonetheless.Photo: Getty Images

You know, it’s nice to see something finally get Obama’s goat. After taking the high road on just about every occasion, including a recent pileup on Hillary during the last Democratic debate, he was on the verge of making the John Kerry mistake — refusing to engage his critics and coming off aloof. (Compare this to Giuliani, who, at a recent campaign event, sternly lectured a 9-year-old girl on Democratic spinelessness.) The “compromising evidence” that has Barack crying dirty tricks is so monumentally idiotic there’s barely a joke to be made about it: It’s a widely e-mailed photo of the candidate not holding his hand over his heart during a recitation of the pledge of allegiance.

The e-mail has gotten enough traction that people have been asking him about it at events. Barack finally broke down in Iowa: “This is so irritating,” he said, wincing. “My grandfather taught me how to say the pledge of allegiance when I was 2.” His explanation: The photo was taken during the national anthem, not the pledge. Our dream candidate, of course, would also mention that the pledge is a crock commissioned by a kids’ magazine to sell more flags to schools (and written by a Socialist), but that’s just us. Hell, we’d probably quit the race just on the realization that winning would mean governing people whose stances are swayed by a picture e-mail. Still, good news: If Obama’s detractors are down to the kind of spit-on-the-cross libel the Vatican used on the Knights Templar, this means nobody’s got anything on the guy. —Michael Idov

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Scandalous Obama Pic: Where’s His Hand?