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Oye Johan Va!


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Turns out $137.5 million will buy you seven innings, 100 pitches, eight strikeouts, three hits, two walks, and only two allowed runs. Oh, and the unadulterated adoration of the sports press. Here’s what some are saying after Johan Santana’s solid (but not spectacular) opener yesterday for the Mets, during which they boinked the Florida Marlins 7-2:

• “He made the events of September 2007 feel about as irrelevant as the Peloponnesian War.” [ESPN]
• “Any standard issue no. 1 starter can throw a pitch that makes you wonder how anyone could possibly hit it. Only an exceptional few can win while making you wonder how they could possibly have made the batter miss.” [NYS]
• “The reality is every bit as exciting, as thrilling, as electrifying, as exhilarating, as the rumor. The hype equals the hyperbole.” [NYP]
• “In every way, he was what an Opening Day pitcher should be.” [MLB]

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Oye Johan Va!