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‘I Want Your Sweet Body Against My Skin!’

Well, Mister dirty fingers, my skin is not available.”Photo: iStockphoto

William Hallowell needed more time to study. So he e-mailed his boss at the Riverdale Country School library and said he couldn’t continue working as an assistant. She seemed perfectly understanding. Which is why he didn’t understand when, soon after, the police appeared at his door saying she’d claimed he had harassed her: The librarian said she had sent William an e-mail and received a very sassy reply, according to the Times:

I want your sweet body against my skin.”

It was clear to William, as it would have been clear to anyone with a technologically inept mother, what had happened: The librarian had sent her e-mail to the wrong address, and the person with that address, one Ben Hallowell, had decided to play a rather hilarious joke by sending a long and filthy e-mail to the librarian.

Well, the joke is hilarious to us. It wasn’t so hilarious to William, who was interrogated for 30 hours by cops who insisted he was a libarian-lovin perv and is now suing the city.

The Times was, of course, too prissy to print any more of the dirty bits from the e-mail. But the Daily News wasn’t:

We could do it in the library,” one offending e-mail, which did not come from Hallowell’s account, said. “I could spank you with a vintage [copy] of Finigan’s [sic] Wake.”

Well, you can see why the librarian called the police. No one should joke about desecrating Joyce.

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‘I Want Your Sweet Body Against My Skin!’