Diddy Will Taxi, But Mariah Won’t Scoop

Mariah Carey didn’t scoop up her little white dog’s poop in front of Cavalli on Madison Avenue. Manhattan borough prez Scott Stringer got out of the car for an event with his fly open. Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is throwing a party for McCain-Palin. Amanda Lepore went to see Wicked.

People have seen Leo DiCaprio and Israeli hotwoman Bar Refaeli around town both together and alone, leading to confusion about their relationship status. East Side art dealer Sam Green is suing Cablevision for its Savage Grace movie, which depicts him as having had an affair with the son of Barbara Baekeland, played by Julianne Moore. When Diddy’s $300,000 Maybach didn’t pick him up in Connecticut to take him to a benefit, the resourceful global brand maturely took a taxi instead.

Russell Simmons’s nieces Vanessa and Angela had an awkward benefit run-in with his ex, Porschla Coleman, who was there with Jason Kidd. Warhol superstar Brigid Berlin is making needlepoint pillows depicting old Post front pages. Hip-hop mogul Irv Gotti had a 75th-birthday party for his mom at the Tribeca Grand, and Jay-Z, Diddy, Ja Rule, L.A. Reid, and Lyor Cohen came. Veronica Webb sat next to Gretta Monahan, who replaced her on Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style, but wouldn’t even look at her. Graydon Carter says his Waverly Inn stole elements from other famous restaurants like Elaine’s, L’Ami Louis and Chasen’s. Britney’s new album will come out December 2 and is called Circus.

Ricky Martin is investing in a Brazilian island. Salman Rushdie is writing a children’s book. A poll showed that people think Michael Phelps should date Kate Hudson, and 75 percent of women said they’d sleep with Phelps (even though he’s got a weird face on top of his hot body). George Takei, Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu, had a gay marriage in California. Transformers star Megan Fox was once in love with a female stripper. And, much to the relief of an anxious world, Ne-Yo says he does not hate R. Kelly.

Diddy Will Taxi, But Mariah Won’t Scoop