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‘Gossip Girl’ Goes Fancy in Brooklyn

This feels wrong.

Avid Gossip Girl fan (and Intel reader) Robert happened across a shoot for the show on Friday at the Brooklyn Historical Society in Brooklyn Heights. The building was gussied up for the “Snowflake Charity Ball,” which we’ve been hearing about (we would have auditioned but Chris didn’t have an ivory tuxedo vest, and Jessica’s ice-violet halter dress was at the cleaners after someone threw yogurt on it). The scene caused a sort of anachronism in the Gossip Girl world — Rufus Bart and Lily were dressed up to go to … Brooklyn? But that’s where people like Dan and Vanessa and Mumphrey, the owner of the Brooklyn Inn, live! Our tipster points out that according to signs, the event was supposed to take place on December 1, after sweeps week. If anyone is going to die on the show, it’ll probably be then, so all of the people in these scenes dodged the ax (Rufus wasn’t photographed, but he was there).

Gossip Girl Brooklyn Promenade

This shot was taken later, along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. Off camera, apparently Penn Badgley and Blake Lively were “too adorable it almost made me sick.” In this photo, newly friendly Dan and Serena walk with other kids who appear to be their love interests. We recognize John Patrick Amedori, who will play Serena’s artsy boyfriend, Aaron. But who is that bitch with Dan? And more importantly, what the eff is she wearing?! It may not be as bad as confusing tights for pants, but a miniskirt in December would get her kicked off the steps of the Met faster than you can say “Ashlee Simpson.”

‘Gossip Girl’ Goes Fancy in Brooklyn