journalism Reporter Gives Michael Cera Her Phone Number

There’s a perception, recently illustrated by the movie Crazy Heart, in which Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a journalist who sleeps with her subject, that reporters, particularly female reporters, are kind of starfuckers. Like they just got into the business because they are not charismatic or talented or cute enough to be important or famous themselves, so they choose a job that would let them be close to such people instead, and hopefully sleep with them. Personally, we think this completely insulting and so not true! Except for when it is. Like with Kate Major, the Star reporter who quit her job this summer, claiming involvement with Jon Gosselin. And also, let’s face it, Bianna Golodryga, the ABC financial reporter who recently got engaged to Budget Director Peter Orszag. And Kim Kaufman, the reporter who gave Michael Cera her phone number at the premiere of Youth in Revolt the other night, and was subsequently featured in this morning’s New York Post trend story about “chucklefuckers” — their term for comedian groupies.

He’s so charming,” Kaufman told the Post of Cera. “I’d like to have someone make me laugh.” It’s unclear if Alloy, the company that owns, has any sort of ethical qualms about her behavior, or the accompanying photo of Kaufman shoving her digits into Cera’s pocket. (They didn’t respond to Daily Intel’s request for comment.) Probably they don’t. Probably they think handing your phone number to a movie star is the dream of teen girls everywhere, that Kaufman is merely living it, and this is the future of journalism. Hopefully he’ll call!

Funny honeys [NYP] Reporter Gives Michael Cera Her Phone Number