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Tucker Carlson’s Website Is Finally Here

The Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson’s conservative version of The Huffington Post, arrived today. And like any media entity that plans to be successful, it led with boobs. Specifically, a big picture of the third state dinner crasher, Carlos Allen, and three well-endowed women.

But don’t let that sly choice of photo deceive you. This will not be a website about boobs. Rather, it’s about something far less interesting—politics. And while reports have characterized this site as right-leaning, Carlson says his website is going to play it down the middle.

Our goal is not to get Republicans elected. Our goal is to explain what your government is doing. We’re not going to suck up to people in power, the way so many have. There’s been an enormous amount of throne-sniffing,” he says.

Instead of sniffing thrones, Carlson plans to remind people what original reporting looks like. He’s got a model worked out to attract top writers (revenue share anyone?) and, hopefully, a new web designer. But as long as he sticks with the strategy of plastering boobs on the front page, we’re sure he’ll do just fine.

Tucker’s excellent adventure [Washington Post]

Tucker Carlson’s Website Is Finally Here