Nobody Dares to Double-cross Michele Bachmann

Are Republican congressmen so blinded by party loyalty that they don’t realize that Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann is kind of a joke? Fortunately, for our sanity’s sake, no, they are not.

When Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann was named to the House Intelligence Committee earlier this year, one of her Republican colleagues responded this way: “Is that a punchline?” Another simply said, “Jumbo shrimp. Oxymoron.”

Oh, that’s pretty funny. Who were they?

That’s because Republicans are also scared of Bachmann and her legion of devoted tea party followers. There’s also the example of Utah congressman Jason Chaffetz, who told Politico on Wednesday that Bachmann showed “bad form” in trying to “upend” Paul Ryan’s State of the Union rebuttal with her own Tea Party Express–sponsored response to President Obama. He took it back the next day, the same way Republicans quickly backtrack whenever they make the grievous error of saying something bad about Rush Limbaugh.

Republicans are terrified of the tea party [Politico]

Nobody Dares to Double-cross Michele Bachmann