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John Liu Is Not Worried About the Appearance of Impropriety

43rd Comptroller of New York City John C. Liu attends a welcome party for new columnists at The Chelsea Room on May 18, 2011 in New York City.
It's all good!

Way back in 2001, John Liu cared about avoiding ties to convicted white-collar criminals — especially the ones who already had clear and sketchy ties to his family. That year, he turned down a contribution to his City Council campaign from Lung Fong Chen, who just so happened to be Liu’s father’s business partner, as well as his dad’s partner in crime: The pair had just been convicted of committing bank fraud together. Flash-forward a few years, and Liu decided to let bygones be bygones. According to the Post, Liu accepted an $800 contribution from Chen for his 2013 coffers, and has no intention of returning it. It’s not illegal — Chen served his time in jail years ago, as Liu’s campaign spokesman pointed out — but it doesn’t look great, to say the least. Especially in light of the many other financial improprieties plaguing the Liu campaign, the last thing Liu needs is a reminder of his father’s business dealings that gets people thinking, “Like father, like son.”

Liu Not Worried About Appearance of Impropriety