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There’s Another Lottery Ticket Being Claimed by a Mysterious Trust

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Remember those Greenwich money managers who won the lottery in November? They claimed it on behalf of a trust, prompting conspiracy theories from all quarters (including this one) about who had actually won the cash, and whether the win was on the up-and-up.  Well, now the Greenwich Three have company! 

Crawford Shaw, a lawyer from Bedford, New York, stepped forward on December 23 to collect a $2 million Iowa lottery payout — which had been won on December 23 of the previous year — on behalf of yet another mysterious trust. But the state of Iowa wants to know who, exactly, Shaw might be representing, and why it took him so long to come forward, reports Gothamist. Maybe there’s a secret lottery code-cracker behind the curtain, maybe not, but Shaw sure doesn’t want people to know who it is. State law mandates that he disclose the winner’s name, and yet he’s cited such things as “plane delays” for his failure to do so, and now they’re even considering a criminal investigation into the matter — which wouldn’t be Shaw’s only tie-up with the law. State lottery officials’ suspicions were raised when they noticed that he’s been sued for his involvement with a now-bankrupt company.

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Another Mysterious Trust Claims a Lottery Ticket