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Marc Cenedella Takes ‘Full Responsiblity’ for Blog Posts

Marc Cenedella of Theladders.com.
Marc Cenedella of Theladders.com attends the Digital Life Design (DLD) conference at HVB Forum on January 26, 2010 in Munich, Germany. DLD brings together global leaders and creators from the digital world.

Republican Senate hopeful Marc Cenedella says that he takes "full responsibility" for the blog posts that were published under his name (including one calling for a national holiday celebrated with steak and blow jobs, and another parsing the question of "sexy vs. skanky"), but says he’s not sure who authored them — there were apparently a number of authors blogging under his name. He does know who he wants to blame, though, for the blog posts coming to the attention of the media. “This is a smear attack by Kirsten Gillibrand, who obviously has an interest in keeping me out of the race,” he said. Totally skanky?

Cenedella Takes ‘Full Responsiblity’ for Blogs