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Marc Cenedella’s Wife Also Maybe Likes to Blog About the Girly-Girl Lifestyle

Angela Cenedella
Angela Cenedella

Yesterday, we met Marc Cenedella, the possible Kirsten Gillibrand challenger who may or may not have written public blog entries on such important philosophical topics as “Sexy vs. Skanky” and “High-Quality Dope” and “Dating Advice for Girly Girls.” Today, via BetaBeat’s Nitasha Tiku, we meet his wife Angela Cenedella, who, it turns out, may or may not be also behind some blog posts offering advice for girly girls. A source told Tiku that Mrs. Cenedella, a graduate of Harvard for both law school and undergrad, is the author of Vie Society, a luxury lifestyle blog that’s recently deleted all of its evidence. (Among other evidence, someone named Angela Kim, which was Cenedella’s maiden name, trademarked the blog’s name in 2011.)

Vie Society was also the name of a female social club launched at Harvard Law School in 2005. Its first ever cocktail party, “featured pink champagne and ‘princess chic’ attire, including tiaras,” the Harvard Crimson noted through gritted teeth. Mrs. Cenedella, then a second-year at HLS and a member of the club, is mentioned in the article.

At the time an op-ed in The Record, the law school’s weekly paper, quipped, “‘Vie Society,’ by the way, wasn’t the group’s first choice for a name, but ‘Aspiring Trophy Wives Association’ was deemed too hard for future members to pronounce.”

Vie Society’s content was less controversial than the posts that Mr. Cenedella allegedly wrote on his personal blog, such as one cheering on the creation of a national holiday involving steak and oral sex.  But it’s also probably not the kind of stuff campaign managers might want political opponents to have access to. For instance, writes Tiku, in addition to posts about high-end fashion, the anonymous blogger behind the site coined the words moopig and amazeballoons. “‘Moopig’ is my nickname from Husby – He’s alternatively enraptured and repulsed by how much I eat.”

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Cenedella’s Wife Blogs About the Girly-Girl Life