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Shopping Carts Are Increasingly Being Used As Weapons

Deadly menace.

Three months after a Manhattan woman was nearly killed by a shopping cart tossed at her from above by two tweens at a mall in East Harlem, two men standing outside a parking garage next to a Home Depot in the Bronx were sent to the emergency room in a similar attack yesterday. According to the Post, the victims were two African livery-cab drivers who had gotten into a dispute with a rival group of Dominican livery-cab drivers, and “cops suspect” that the perpetrator was one of those Dominican drivers. The African drivers are now in stable condition, thankfully. But hey, everyone, can we stop it with the flying shopping carts? Shopping carts are peaceful objects that help us buy massive amounts of food, or, in limited cases, store and transport all our worldly possessions. They are not for almost-killing people.

City’s Second Shopping-Cart Attack in Months