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C.S.I.-Loving Sociopath Going Away for a Long Time

Jerry Ramrattan
Jerry Ramrattan.

The insane case of Jerry Ramrattan, a TV crime drama nut who raped his ex-girlfriend and then framed her for armed robbery, ended today when he was sentenced to 32 years in prison. Hopefully they are long years, considering the torture he put his ex through. Seemona Sumasar spent seven months in jail while awaiting trial after Ramrattan, a former police informant, set up fake crime scenes and manipulated witnesses into testifying against her, following her rape accusations against him. Sumasar, a former Morgan Stanley analyst, lost her business, house, and daughter while things got sorted out. “I don’t have words for you,” she said today in court. “You are evil. You are a sociopath. The only thing that helps me sleep at night is that what happened to me was for a reason: someone needs to put a stop to your madness.” Ramrattan, who maintains his innocence, received the maximum sentence.

C.S.I.-Loving Sociopath Going Away for Long Time