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Grandpa, the Barely Psychic Spider Monkey, to Predict New Hampshire Primary Winner

Grandpa secretly wishes Mitch Daniels got into the race.

Aside from Mexican warlocks, the next most-reliable prognosticators in the world are zoo animals, such as Paul the Octopus, and, Grandpa, a 39-year-old black-handed spider monkey at the Staten Island Zoo renowned for his psychic abilities. On Monday, the Daily News will give Grandpa a choice of bananas, each one with a different presidential candidate’s name written on it, and whomever he selects will definitely win the New Hampshire primary, if he picks Mitt Romney. Grandpa became famous for his barely above-average predictive powers when he picked the winners of six out of nine tennis matches during the 2010 U.S. Open.

Grandpa the Monkey to Predict New Hampshire