John Heilemann on The Colbert Report: Gingrich Is Like an Angry Teddy Bear

John Heilemann’s political analysis on Morning Joe on Wednesday was innuendo-free and absent of imagery of Rick Santorum in a gay threesome. But the conversation was much more colorful during the late hours on The Colbert Report, where Heilemann painted a picture of Santorum’s uneasiness on Tuesday during the early part of the Iowa caucuses. “The night started with Rick Santorum in kind of an uncomfortable position for him, sort of like a nightmare scenario,” Heilemann said. “He found himself in a three-way with two other men.” Heilemann also looked ahead to the New Hampshire primary, wondering how fourth-place Iowa finisher Newt Gingrich might react. “The teddy bear is angry. And there’s nothing in politics more frightening than a vindictive teddy bear.”

Heilemann on Colbert: Gingrich Is an Angry Teddy