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John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Who’s Headed to New Hampshire?

John Heilemann joined the Morning Joe crew today to discuss the neck-and-neck race between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum at last night’s Iowa caucuses, and what the surprise second-place finish by Santorum means for the rest of the group. Michele Bachmann has already quit (presumably to spend more time with her husband, shopping for doggie sunglasses) and Rick Perry is back in Texas “reassessing,” essentially turning things into a two-man race (with Newt Gingrich helping scoot Santorum along, for the time being.) “Iowa has served its function,” Heilemann said. “It’s winnowed the conservative field down to two … You have Newt Gingrich determined to destroy Mitt Romney and Santorum is going to ride an incredible wave of publicity. [Romney’s] campaign is going to be tested.”

Heilemann on Morning Joe: Off to New Hampshire?