Mrs. Markowitz Doing Her Best to Elevate Political Discourse in Brooklyn

Jamie and Marty Markowitz.
Photo: Will Ragozzino/

Jamie Markowitz, wife of Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz, tries her best to be the perfect political helpmate. She also strives to embody the spirit of Brooklyn, which is why, in 2008, when she dashed out with eight autographed Takashi Murakami souvenir place-mats from a benefit at the Brooklyn Museum, the borough’s First Lady defended it with, “You guys really should have acted faster. This is Brooklyn!”

So it was, most likely, a combination of those two impulses that led Mrs. Markowitz to walk up to a political opponent of her husband’s (neighborhood activist Ida Sanoff) at a Coney Island restaurant and  stick out her tongue at the woman, who has worked to block an amphitheater from being built in the neighborhood. Please note that Markowitz did not razz the woman; that’s a Bronx cheer. As carefully described by the Post, she simply, elegantly “flashed her tongue for a few awkward moments and then strutted away.” She is the Jackie O. of Brooklyn.

How Mrs. Markowitz Elevates Political Discourse