Occupy Wall Street Campers Desecrating New York Churches

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 04: A man associated with the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement relaxes in Zuccotti Park in the Financial District near Wall Street on November 4, 2011 in New York City. Despite a freak snowstorm last Saturday and the confiscation of their generators by the fire department, hundreds of young and old are staying put in the park. The activists have been gradually converging on the financial district over the past seven weeks to rally against the influence of corporate money in politics among a host of other issues. The protests have begun to attract the attention of major unions and religious groups as the movement continues to grow in influence around the world. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
From tents to church pews.

As the cold chill of winter set in, Occupy Wall Street protesters dispersed across the city in search of shelter and to wait for a reboot in the spring. About 60 occupiers landed at West Park Presbyterian Church on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, rolling out sleeping bags between the pews at night to sleep. Then three weeks ago a $2,400 Apple laptop went missing from the pastor’s private office and, this weekend, the church’s 800-pound bronze baptismal font was vandalized — the basin and lid were taken. “You have 24 hours to find it and to come up with an amends and to come up with a plan,” an irate Reverend Bob Brashear warned the campers. “‘I’m sorry and it won’t happen again’ won’t work.” Though the basin was later found in a small adjoining room, the lid is still missing and the occupiers have been given two weeks to decamp. Over in Park Slope, another recent incident involved an OWS supporter urinating on a cross inside a church.

OWS Campers Desecrating New York Churches