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Striving Morgan Stanley Hopeful Scolded by Vacationing CEO

James Gorman, chief executive officer of Morgan Stanley.
Don't bother me.

Joseph Maddalone is very ambitious. He’s been known to cold-call executives he admires, like energy magnate T. Boone Pickens, who he dialed every day for a month until he landed an internship. The 22-year-old University of Scranton graduate also founded his own recruiting firm, Maddalone Global Strategies, but discovered it’s sort of difficult and expensive to run a company, and ended up with “a profit of like $8” for the year. Now, Maddalone reaaaaally wants to work at Morgan Stanley, so he e-mailed the bank’s CEO.

I emailed him the day after New Years because I assumed (correctly) that I would have a better chance of him responding because … I do not think too many people email the CEO of Morgan Stanley the day after New Years,” Maddalone tells Business Insider.

In his message to CEO James Gorman, Maddalone wrote, “Hope you had a great holiday,” before inquiring about the arrival of his recently Fed-Exed recommendation from Pickens. “I am currently waiting for my final interview to be scheduled,” he continued, “and I wanted to email you to introduce myself. I graduated from college in 3 years, and currently run my own company in NYC.”

Gorman wrote back gruffly, “You need to call our recruiting team not me. That is why we have a recruiting team! Friday was the last day before New Years. If you want to work in this industry use some judgment and don’t contact CEOs over the New Years weekend.”

We can’t imagine the boss was very happy about his message being made public. And considering local bankers’ track record with e-mail etiquette in emotional situations, we’re mostly looking forward to Maddalone’s missive if he doesn’t get the job.

Striving Morgan Stanley Hopeful Scolded by CEO