You Can Buy Your Favorite Old Ads From Citi Field

Estate sale. Photo: Mike Stobe/2008 Getty Images

Remember, through the haze of the years, the first time you set eyes on Citi Field? Perhaps it was all the way back in 2009, a younger, more innocent time. The first time your eyes lit upon the outfield advertisement that read “Lincoln:,” or the classic seven-paneled “Delta,” your heart soared a little bit. This was the American pastime at its purest, corporate subsidization as it’s meant to be played. Someday, you’d be able to take your kids out to this ballpark and show them the very same advertisements.

Well, nothing gold can stay, and the Mets took down those special, special ads. But now you can purchase them, along with other historic remnants of the three-year-old ballpark where zero championships have been won, at an auction that has nothing to do with the Mets’ dire financial straits! (Recall that recently, the Mets offered an unspecified kind of “access” to Mr. Met to people willing to buy a $20 million share in the club.) It’s certainly not the ball club’s disappointing coffers that inspired management to sell off the old left-field wall (which they’re replacing and lowering to make the park more hitter-friendly) in four-foot by eight-foot chunks to be auctioned off online. Shipping does not come included, as the Post notes, but that has nothing to do with anyone being broke.


You Can Buy Favorite Old Ads From Citi Field