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Luis Ortiz, Alleged Cop Shooter, Held Without Bail

The man accused of shooting NYPD officer Kevin Brennan in Brooklyn on Tuesday night was charged with attempted murder today and was ordered to be held without bail for a crime the prosecutor called “an assassination attempt.” Luis “Baby” Ortiz reportedly remained quiet during his arraignment, a sharp contrast to his “perp walk” yesterday, where the suspect told the press, “Yeah, take a picture of me,” blew kisses, and pledged allegiance to the Latin Kings.

The New York Times reports that "dozens" of police officers attended the hearing today as their wounded colleague remains  in recovery at Bellevue Hospital. The prosecutor called the shooting an "evil" act by an evil individual, while Ortiz’s defense claimed, "There’s no statement that he did the shooting."

Surveillance footage reportedly shows a scuffle between Brennan and Ortiz, followed by the officer going limp, and Ortiz getting away. NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said Ortiz, who did not enter a plea, “managed to get his gun hand free and shoot Brennan at point-blank range behind his right ear.”

The defense called the prosecutor’s language “highly theatrical” (not unlike his client’s public showing yesterday, which made the cover of the Daily News). “This was a political speech,” Ortiz’s lawyer said. “What we should have heard were facts.” The case goes to a grand jury February 6; Ortiz faces 40 years in prison.

Alleged Cop Shooter Held Without Bail