Alleged Would-Be Capitol Suicide Bomber Used to Have Sex in Clubs, Sell Ecstasy

This artist rendering shows Amine El Khalifi before U.S. District Judge T. Rawles Jones Jr. in federal court
El Khalifi used to be a club guy. Now he's a bar guy. BEHIND BARS, that is. Boom roasted.

According to Glittarazzi, Amine El Khalifi, the Moroccan immigrant arrested last week for a plot to suicide-bomb the Capitol, used to be a well known dude on the D.C. nightlife scene before he had some kind of religious awakening in 2008. He partied “almost every night of the week,” had sex in clubs, and made money by gambling and selling cocaine and ecstasy. He was also “a ‘label whore’ with a closet full of Dolce and Gabbana” who once got liposuction and “hoped to be one of the top DJs in the world.” Who could have ever guessed that this guy would soon turn into a homicidal sociopath? (Everybody.)

Random Facts About Capitol Suicide Bomber