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Even Cops Cannot Resist the Sleep-Inducing Sway of the Subway

You have the right to remain tired.

At the end of the work day, if we’re the least bit tired, and we’re lucky enough to grab a seat on the subway ride home, there’s a good chance we’re dozing off, at least for a minute or two. Not by choice — the soothing undulations of the train are just too powerful to resist, and like a tiny baby, we are inevitably lulled to sleep. We don’t know how normal that is; maybe we should see a doctor. But we do sympathize with an off-duty police officer who snoozed on the subway last week, and, after a straphanger took his photo, was lightly disciplined — he’ll “get some vacation time docked and have the rules explained to him again,” according to Gothamist. Then again, we usually don’t have a loaded gun on our hip when we take a subway nap, so it’s not exactly apples to apples.

Even Cops Cannot Stay Awake on the Subway