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David Schwimmer Isn’t Interested in a Fixer-Upper

David Schwimmer arrives for the 'Trust' premiere

Perhaps you lie awake on dark nights of the soul and wonder, “How is David Schwimmer spending his royalty checks from Friends?” The answer, at least partially, is real estate: In 2010 Schwimmer purchased an East Village townhouse at 331 East 6th Street for $4.1 million. The place wasn’t in fabulous shape, but it had history on its side. It was built in 1852, and the Landmarks Preservation Commission sent him notices saying that by the end of 2012, the townhouse could get landmark status. As the Atlantic Wire’s Jen Doll points out, the original listing touted the place’s possibilities as a fixer-upper with character.  He wasn’t interested, apparently.

The Post reports that the building was torn down by September of last year, and that now, he’s planning to replace it with a brand-new six-story home. Neighbors, naturally, aren’t happy. “All the new people are yuppie transients. If I see David Schwimmer on the street, I’ll be sure to give him my two cents!” retiree Charlett Hobart told the paper. “Yuppie Transients” sounds like it would be a perfect Schwimmer vehicle, actually — David, call your agent.

David Schwimmer Isn’t Interested in Fixer-Upper