Deranged Man Gets Showered With Pepper Spray at Disneyland

A 53-year-old man went berserk outside the Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim this past weekend and repeatedly got pepper-sprayed, temporarily providing an attraction called, “What Happens When You Get Drunk at Disneyland and Throw Punches at Security.” The four-minute video shows a pretty pathetic scene that includes commentary from one guy who speculates on the man’s drink of choice, and a loud woman who lays on some thick moral outrage. “There are kids here,” she yells. “Does this guy not get that? You’re in Disneyland!” Surprisingly self-aware, Glenn Horlacher, the man who’s been booked for assault and battery, shouts, “I know where I am at!”

Deranged Man Pepper Sprayed at Disneyland