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The Guy Who Took a Picture of Pale Male’s Dead Mate Was Arrested for It

Surveying his kingdom. Photo: Mario Tama/2004 Getty Images

The Pale Male saga isn’t over just yet. Yesterday, Intel wrote about the death of the famous red-tailed hawk’s latest mate, and linked to a website maintained by Lincoln Karim, a birdwatcher and blogger who first reported the bird’s untimely passing. We weren’t the only people who noticed Karim’s discovery: Karim, who carried Lima the Hawk’s carcass back to his apartment overnight for safekeeping before returning it to Central Park, has been arrested by an environmental conservation officer. Who knew those guys could make arrests? City Room explains more:

The arrest “happened because he was in contact with us for pretty much the whole day” on Monday, Mr. Rivera said, and had given the environmental conservation officer “somewhat of a runaround, saying he’d meet at one place and then going there and not having the bird on him and getting the bird. After putting in so many man-hours chasing the man down, they felt at that point they had to charge him.”

This could have all been totally avoided if he had gave us the bird at the time he initially called us,” Mr. Rivera said, “and we would have sent it up to our pathology unit in Albany. Unfortunately, he made it harder on us, and himself.”

Mr. Karim had said on Monday afternoon — after he and the officer had been in touch by cellphone, and before his arrest — that he doubted that the bird’s body would be taken to the lab if he turned it over to the officer.

Has Pale Male replaced the Maltese Falcon as the bird (or birdlike object) that leaves the most intrigue, death, and crime in his wake?

The Guy Who Took a Picture of Pale Male’s Dead Mate Was Arrested for It