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Jamie Dimon Negs the Media

Photo: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Jamie Dimon, speaking at a presentation in New York yesterday, decided to have a little cruel fun at the expense of the reporters who keep writing articles about how bankers are overpaid and whiny, despite their own compensation-payout ratio. First, he came with the macro charge: ” “Newspapers — I went and got this one day just for fun — 42 percent payout ratio, which I just think is just damned outrageous.”

And then, he turned to the gathered press and really did a number on their self-confidence. “Worse than that, you don’t even make any money! We pay 35 percent. We make a lot of money.” JAMIE. WE KNOW. REALLY.

And yet we still can’t keep from writing about you and thinking about you and using softly lit accompanying art where you look taller and more muscular than you actually are.

Jamie Dimon Negs the Media