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Today, President Obama Witnessed the Future of Warfare

US President Barack Obama reacts as 14-year-old Joey Hudy of Phoenix, Arizona, launches a marshmallow from Hudy's
"Now I am become Marshmallow, destroyer of worlds."

When historians of the future look back at the origins of the next great global arms race, they will zero in on February 7, 2012. That was the day that 14-year-old Joey Hudy entranced President Obama with a demonstration of his marshmallow gun during the White House Science Fair. That was the date that Obama, realizing the potential of marshmallow weaponry, ordered the Pentagon to begin converting the U.S. military into an all-marshmallow force — marshmallow bullets, marshmallow artillery, marshmallow missiles. That was the impetus behind the Second Manhattan Project, which resulted, within two years, in the creation of a hydrogen bomb housed inside a marshmallow, the most destructive weapon ever created by man.

President Obama Witnesses the Future of Warfare