Watch Nancy Pelosi and Stephen Colbert Squash Their Beef

Nancy Pelosi backed out of her anti-Colbert campaign and was actually delightful and witty on The Colbert Report (Ash) Wednesday night. Besides, it was Lent that brought her there in the first place: “My Lenten resolution was to be kind to Republicans so here I am.” Always quick on the uptake, Stephen Colbert brought up her attacks against the allegedly undemocratic practices of his super PAC (her Stop Colbert web video also condemned his dislike for kittens, but no mention of that here). Taken by Pelosi’s “fetish for transparency,” Colbert proposed an agreement: He would back the DISCLOSE Act if Pelosi could warm the congressional cool-off towards his “Better Know a District” segment. She agreed, and they shook on it. And on Rick Santorum and the all-male House Oversight Committee on women’s reproductive rights, Pelosi recommended: “I think it would be wise for the gentleman to understand … maybe they need a lesson on birds and bees.” Watch the funny repartee below.

Watch Pelosi and Colbert Squash Their Beef