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Misbehaving NYPD Officers Sent to Rehab, Accused of Sexual Assault

Two NYPD officers have been forced into rehab by the department as the Manhattan district attorney continues to sort through an all-around ugly situation. Four detectives spent some of a recent shift eating at a Washington Heights steakhouse, where a waitress says she was sexually assaulted. According to a 22-year veteran of the NYPD, he just made out with the woman and took her underwear.

The woman claims her boss paid her $200 to spend time with the officers, and says she woke up passed out in the back, believing she had been abused, both by the detective and a worker from the restaurant.

The detectives sent to an alcohol program do not include the one accused of assault. The DA’s office is investigating and has not yet decided whether or not to send the case to a grand jury, but more gross details will probably come out either way.

Misbehaving NYPD Officers Sent to Rehab