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Bloomberg Helping Out Shunned Republicans Who Supported Gay Marriage

A wedding cake decoration featuring two men created by ZippyDogs, a promotional business, is on display at the Gay Wedding Show on April 17, 2004 in Seattle, Washington

They can take the job and shove it,” Republican state senator Roy McDonald said before supporting same-sex marriage last year. “If I said that to the person who hired me, I would be fired,” counters the chairwoman of a Republican committee upstate, now that reelection time is rolling around. “Obviously, he didn’t care if I fired him.” The reality is that while the four Republican senators who backed gay marriage in New York are now being opposed by conservative groups, they’re also raising big money from marriage equality advocates, like our own Mayor Bloomberg.

The New York Times reports:

I can’t go up there and vote for them — I vote in New York City — but I’ve certainly supported them financially,” Mr. Bloomberg said. Mr. McDonald, in an interview Wednesday, did not seem concerned about the loss of support, saying that he has had a good career in public service and that the voters of Wilton have supported him.

Getting reelected might be tougher, but being on the right side of history is a sort of victory on its own.

Republicans Who Supported Gay Marriage Shunned