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Russians Stripped of ‘Most Outrageously Expensive Manhattan Apartment’ Title

In the unfathomable game of excess that is Manhattan real estate, Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev blew everyone away late last year when he bought a Central Park West apartment for a record-setting $88 million, even though he was probably getting ripped off at $13,000 per square foot. But his reign was short, with the penthouse at One57, a new midtown skyscraper, going for a bananas $90 million-plus, the Times reports today — a veritable bargain at $8,000 per square foot. And while the developer is mum on the identity of the buyer, he’ll have everyone know it’s “someone that people would recognize” and a “very nice family” that’s definitely not Russian, Ukrainian, or from “any other part of the former Soviet Union.” USA! USA! (Or China?)

Most-Expensive-NYC–Apartment Owner Not Russian