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Reporters Stake Out Katie Holmes’s Apartment Building, Settle for Neighbor

Chris Hyland holds forth.

Nearly two dozen reporters, TV cameramen, and photographers waited outside of Katie Holmes’s Chelsea apartment building* today, with not much to show for it. Mostly, according to a report by Capital’s Dan Rosenblum, passersby just ignored or insulted them. The highlight of the day turned out to be Chris Hyland, a “textile merchant and magazine editor” who lives next to Holmes and wears a straw hat and bow-tie and therefore is probably a fun interview. “Reporters and cameramen flocked to him,” Rosenblum writes, and Hyland railed against the Scientology “goons” who had reportedly been following Holmes.

Holmes, meanwhile, emerged at a taping of Project Runway: All Stars at the Parsons School of Design. The Post said she had the “had the look of a woman free from the burden of her unhappy marriage,” but she looks pretty much the same as always, if you ask us!


*This post originally referred to Katie Holmes’s hotel, but it is an apartment building, not a hotel.

Katie Holmes’s Neighbor Enters Spotlight