convention dispatch

Better Know a Delegate: Colonel Oscar Poole, Georgia

Colonel and the missus.

What’s your name and where are you from?
Colonel Oscar Poole from East Ellijay, Georgia. That’s 75 miles north of Atlanta.

Are you an actual colonel?
I was in the Confederate air force. [laughs] I’m a Kentucky colonel. The same thing that Colonel Sanders was.

Do you like fried chicken?
As Colonel Sanders was to chicken, I am to barbecue. We have a restaurant in Georgia. 

What’s it called?
Colonel Poole’s — here’s my card right here — Colonel Poole’s Bar-B-Q

So explain your outfit here. 
I designed it, about twenty years ago, and wore it to all the conventions. This is my third national convention, and I’ve been to all the state conventions. 

It’s a very interesting color.
[Wife: Tell him why you did it!] Well, these are the colors of our business. 

So it’s like an advertisement. 
Yeah, I wore it to get attention. And I got yours! [laughs]

Better Know a Delegate: Colonel Oscar Poole