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Great Moments in Debate-Expectations Lowering

US Vice President Joe Biden takes his sunglasses off as he arrives for a campaign event with President Barack Obama at Strawbery Banke Field in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, September 7, 2012.
GOP terrified that Biden may show up to the debate in aviators.

For years now, the GOP has reveled in Joe Biden’s propensity to involuntarily say or do embarrassing, cringe-inducing things, such as claiming you can’t shop at a 7-11 in Delaware without a “slight Indian accent,” or whispering “this is a big fucking deal” on-camera, or nearly making out with a biker chick on the campaign trail. Now, suddenly, a day before the vice-presidential debate, Biden’s buffoonery has magically transformed into … a strength!

[D]espite Biden’s relatively advanced years, both sides acknowledge that his energetic, happy-go-lucky – and, yes, gaffe-prone – persona (which has been parodied to great effect over the years by The Onion) may have a certain appeal to a younger demographic.

The vice president is a very charming man, and you always have to kind of think about that charm and the potential for an ‘Irish uncle’ moment,” a Romney campaign aide said.

Joe Biden’s spot-on ethnic accents are a real treat, and if he employs one during the debate, it will surely delight the electorate to no end, possibly sealing the election for Obama.”