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Accused Fake Lawyer Is the Son of a Famous Real Lawyer

A man who prosecutors in Manhattan say pretended to be a lawyer and falsely represented a client in court three times last year happens to be the son of a real and well-known Albany lawyer. Defense attorney Terence Kindlon helped found the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and he’s the type of guy whose other children get their weddings written about in the New York Times. Well, one of them anyway. His son, also named Terence Kindlon, faces felony and misdemeanor charges for arguing cases in court as a lawyer when he was not one — though he attended law school and passed the New York State Bar Exam. “He does not know at times when he is taking over another character,” the younger Kindlon’s lawyer said in his defense. Nor did his “clients,” apparently.

Accused Fake Lawyer Son of Famous Real Lawyer