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Good Samaritan Tries to Help Boy on Subway, Gets Punched in the Face

With all the recent subway tragedies, it feels like we’re overdue for a uplifting tale of straphanger heroics — but unfortunately this isn’t that story. Kazi Fathah, 76, says he was riding the J train last month when a boy who appeared to be by himself fell asleep on his shoulder at Alabama Avenue station in Brooklyn. When Fathah woke the boy up and asked if he was okay, the boy’s father (pictured here) started screaming at him from across the car, then punched Fathah twice in the face. Fathah’s wife says she screamed for passengers to call the police, but only one fellow rider tried to help. Let’s step it up, New York.

Good Samaritan Tries to Help Boy, Gets Punched