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Jamie Dimon Is Living in Fear of a Lloyd Blankfein Crank Call

Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Lloyd Blankfein is a light-hearted fellow — what with his predilection for show tunes, his quippy self-deprecation, and his laissez-faire attitude toward clothing in the Goldman Sachs gym. But Jamie Dimon, Blankfein’s biggest rival in the biz, knows that underneath the happy-go-lucky facade lies a cutthroat prankster who will stop at nothing to humiliate his enemies.

Which is why upon receiving a pick-me-up call from Patriots QB Tom Brady after JPMorgan’s London Whale debacle last year, Dimon immediately assumed that his old arch nemesis was pulling his leg.

Bloomberg reports:

Dimon said Tom Brady, the New England Patriots football player who has passed Joe Montana for the most National Football League playoff wins by a quarterback, called to cheer him up after the loss.

I owe him a lot,” Dimon said without specifying when the call took place. “At first I thought it was a friend of mine pulling a prank. I thought it was Lloyd Blankfein,” he said.

Right, like Lloyd would stoop to such a lame, halfhearted practical joke. When Blankfein comes for you, Mr. Dimon, you’ll know.

Jamie Dimon Fears Lloyd Blankfein’s Crank Call