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Can the Obama Political Dynasty Extend to Kenya?

Malik Obama, half-brother of America's President elect, Barack Obama smiles November 05, 2008 at his Kogelo village residence where he gave a press conference following news that his brother had been elected President.
Malik Obama, saying something.

It’s been proven that anyone with the Kennedy name can get elected to office anywhere in New England, and now Malik Obama — also known as Roy — will find out whether his presidential surname will have the same effect in Kenyan politics. The noted flag enthusiast and 54-year-old half-brother of President Obama (they share a father) announced yesterday that he’s running as an independent for the governorship of Siaya, a county in Western Kenya. According to Bloomberg News, Malik Obama said, with what appears to be wishful thinking, that “he will use his relationship with his half-brother to address issues such as poverty and unemployment.”

Despite his famous name, Malik Obama will have some hurdles ahead of him. The Star, a Kenyan newspaper, reports that “the biggest challenge the independent candidates have is that the population is still not aware that one can run for a political office without being in a party,” which does seem like a pretty significant handicap.

Obama Half-Brother Running for Governor in Kenya