New Yorker Hopes to Make $2.1 Million From Flipping Off Cop

Or rather, from being hassled by the NYPD. In October 2011, Aneury Peralta of East Harlem got stuck between a garbage truck and another car so he tried to maneuver into a curbside parking spot, but the other driver wouldn’t move and started honking incessantly. Peralta “did what virtually everyone does in New York. He gave him the finger,” his lawyer tells the Daily News. The only problem: The other driver turned out to be a plainclothes cop. Peralta’s ticket for disorderly conduct was dismissed, and a separate charge for resisting arrest, which Peralta says was a set up, was never prosecuted. Now Peralta is suing the NYPD for $2.1 million for violating his civil rights, as well as his right to flip off fellow drivers with impunity.

Man Wants $2.1 Million for Flipping Off Cop