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Wayward Brooklynite Escapes ‘Hipster Lifestyle,’ Takes Refuge in Connecticut

New York Post cover for Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When we last heard from 21-year-old Sophia Anderson, it appeared that the cause of all her legal troubles was her ex-boyfriend Daniel Sajewski, who allegedly crashed his parents’ car into a house on Long Island and convinced her to take the blame. However, according to her lawyer and the New York Post, her borough of residence was equally to blame. “She’s doing great … without the negative influences of Daniel and the allure of Brooklyn,’’ said attorney John LoTurco. “The allure of Brooklyn was her boyfriend’s circle of friends and the hipster lifestyle that was going on at that period of time — the drinking, the drugging.” The charges against Anderson were “conditionally dismissed,” and the Post reports that the “good-girl-turned-loft-dwelling-hipster” is now “living safely with her mom in Connecticut.” Presumably her room is being searched regularly for Pabst and skinny jeans.

Wayward Brooklynite Escapes ‘Hipster Lifestyle’